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Large Hard Drive Support  (48 bit LBA) - 137 GB plus Windows support


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This section we will look at ways of achieving large hard drive support. That is hard drives larger than 137 GB (Gigabytes). To achieve this requires 48 bit LBA support from the operating system and from your computers BIOS. We will cover all operating system from Windows 98 and above that have this problem.

What is LBA ? LBA stands for Logical Block address. This was originally only 24 bits for ATA/ATAPI devices, which meant that the largest hard drive you could use was 137.4 GB (Gigabytes). Now that hard drives have increased beyond this size changes where needed. So came along 48 bit LBA. This has increased the maximum size of hard drives to 144,000,000 gigabytes.

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Windows XP 48 bit LBA - Windows 2000 48 bit LBA - Windows ME 48 bit LBA

Windows 98/98SE LBA - Windows 95 LBA